The Natural Artist Within

Every Human Being is a Natural Artist

That is our Essence – we are the creators of our own life paths and the music we choose to dance to in every step of the way.

Here & Bow is all about reconnecting with our inner child through the magic of Creative & Healing Arts like Sound, Movement, Dance, and various other Heartful Embodied expressions. It’s a joyful reminder that embracing play is at the heart of being true to ourselves and expressing our uniqueness in the world.

Here & Bow’s first seed was planted by Ruth León on August 8th, 2021 with the creation of an Instagram profile aiming at keeping track of various types of natural artistic manifestations in different forms and codes. It was a way to recognise the inner voice and hopefully inspire others to listen to theirs as a way to dis-cover themselves!

In-Perfections of the Here & Bow
We all manifest in different forms and codes.
When we connect to the present moment,
We allow ourselves to create what is willing to be created
And so we bow before Creation itself.

Ruth León

Opening Up to Life with a Vibrant Heart

When we dare to listen to our inner voice, our truth, we open up to life and our heart starts beating with the rhythm of authenticity. Our body starts creating melodies of delight, trust, peace & love. So, we start now our own journey of self-discovery and transformation. Here, Now.

Here we bow to what is, what comes through us. Here we bow to receive, and so we give.

We move, we sound, we dance to our own songs in this very moment…

Here We Bow to What Is

The name of the project, Here & Bow, came to Ruth as a soft whisper accompanied by a warm, refreshing air. As a reminder that, when we are here and open to express who we are in connection to our body – the present moment keeper, something deep within us bows to what was willing to be created through us in awe, recognition and gratitude for allowing us to be and share our Being with our environment.

Here & Bow is an invitation to connect to our natural and playful artist and share our so needed uniqueness with the world.