Ready to Explore Sound Healing Created Just for You?

Embark on a transformative journey of self discovery and wellbeing

Tailored to your unique needs and intentions these sessions offer a deeply immersive experience guided by a certified sound healer who will create a safe and nurturing space for you to explore the therapeutic power of sound.

The sound healer’s intuitive guidance will accompany you through the session, allowing you to release tension, quiet the mind, and connect with your inner self on a profound level. Through this nourishing experience, you will connect with the potential of sound to harmonise your body, emotions, and mind, leaving you with a renewed sense of balance, clarity, and inner peace.

A Sound Healing treatment can accompany you in processes of…

  • Heightened Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional Imbalance
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Creative Blockages
  • Physical Pain & Rehabilitation
  • Grief
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Misalignment with your Inner Self
  • Wounded Inner Child
  • Spiritual Disconnection
  • Self-Discovery & Personal Growth

During the Session, you will come into contact with the following instruments…

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Ocean Drum
River Drum
Shamanic Drum
Tuning Forks
The Human Voice

The instruments may be played close to the body and, in the case of the bowls or tuning forks, they may be placed on parts of the body to achieve a greater connection with the vibration, if you are comfortable with that option.

Curious About a 1:1 Sound Healing Session? Here’s What It’s Like…

Every session is unique and personalised specifically for you
in every given moment.

An individual Sound Healing session typically lasts for 60 minutes.

Before we begin with the sound session, we will have a brief discussion where you can share any relevant aspects that you consider important.

Once the discussion is complete, we will dive into the sound session itself, which will last approximately 45 minutes. During this time, you will asked you to lie down on the sound bed, close your eyes, and if desired, cover yourself with a bedcover or blanket for added comfort.

After the sound session, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to remain in silence, allowing yourself to integrate the vibrations and sensations experienced during the session.

Before we conclude, we may also discuss any insights or aspects that may have emerged throughout the session.

Please consider the following points in preparation for the session:

  • Ensure you haven’t consumed coffee or any psychoactive substance (like alcohol, marijuana, etc.) within 24 hours before the session.
  • Ensure you do not fall into the categories of individuals for whom taking a session is not recommended:
    • suffering from epilepsy
    • suffering from serious mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or psychosis
    • having a cardiovascular disease
    • going through the first 3 months of pregnancy

If you have any doubts, you can always check with us!

After the session, please consider the following recommendations:


Make sure to drink plenty of water to support the process of releasing toxins and to maintain your overall well-being.


After the session, allow yourself some time to remain in a state of relaxation.

Avoid overexertion or engaging in strenuous activities immediately afterward.

This will allow your body and mind to fully absorb and integrate the benefits of the session.


Engage in self-care activities that promote further relaxation and well-being.

This can include activities such as taking a soothing bath, resting in a calm and peaceful environment, or simply sleeping.

Remember, everyone’s experience is unique and needs may differ, so it’s important to

listen to your body and honour what feels right for you after the session.

Sound Healer

Ruth León

Certified Sound Healer Certified Voice Healer Intuitive Chantress

My life’s journey is intricately woven with the harmony of sound, where melodies have become one of the most potent languages I possess to express Joy and Love for Life.

From creating playful tunes for my furry companion Tsura as a child to joining choirs, experimenting with the guitar, and engaging into a brief stint of musical education, my path led to singing lessons and overtone experimentation that sparked a deep connection with sound.

In an unplanned twist, singing took a long temporary pause as I prioritised my scholar career, engaging in the analytical facets of my mind. Additionally, after completing my PhD, I found myself drawn to and dove into the world of dance.

Amid life’s challenges and the pandemic, the presence of two feline companions helped me rediscover my inspiration, enabling me to express myself through melodies once again. This reconnection drove me to the Healing Voice Diploma Training and the Sound Healer Training, both feeling like a reawakening of something already within me, propelling me to embrace sound as a tool for meditation.

Accompanying others in their process of self-discovery, self-awareness, and embodiment now shapes my purpose, as it’s a path I’ve walked myself and I’m still journeying on. Sound holds within a magnificent power to nurture meditative states and cultivate profound connections with our inner essence.

What People Are Saying About the 1:1 Sound Healing Sessions

A Loving Space of
Protection, Care & Safety

It gave me a lot of peace. I felt that the sound of the bowl and its energy contained me from a warm energy that enveloped me and protected me, as if it created a space of protection, care and safety….. Ruth’s voice helped me a lot to feel mothered.
Ana Alberola

A Powerful Cleansing

After the session I felt very tired and thirsty. I also had very deep dreams. After 24 hours of great tiredness, I started to feel very balanced. This is powerful! Of course, I imagine that now with the day to day the tensions and everything that was cleansed is reloaded, so you have to be very alert, but it is a real relief and a powerful cleansing. It was awesome! Thank you very much for everything!
Manuel Villalba

Deep Connection
with Nature & Myself

I felt very relaxed. An almost floating state between falling asleep and being awake. My thoughts were very jumbled at first and became more focused and clearer over time. An image came to my mind that touched me very much. I felt very connected with nature and with myself. Thank you for this beautiful experience.
Alien Christin Hägermann

A Full-Body Relaxation &
Deep Meditative State

Very deep, intense and revealing. A place and a time interval where I experienced absolute relaxation.
Laura Gil

An Exquisite Experience

It was an exquisite, subtle, delicate and loving experience.
Teresa Arango

Slowing Down
Thoughts & Ruminations

It helped me to slow down my inner rhythm, not only in bodily sensations but also in my loops of thoughts and ruminations. I felt very good on a physical level, calm.
Ana Alberola